“Stories of daring evacuations and selfless courage ripple across Colorado’s waterlogged landscape this week.” ~ Denver Post (Joey Bunch)

This lead gives vividly detailed imagery into what has been a tragic last couple of weeks in Colorado. It’s colorful language and use of the words “daring” and “selfless” makes it sound action-packed and exciting to read.



“A 34-year-old Wachter Middle School teacher was arrested Friday for corruption or solicitation of an underage student. Bismarck Police are continuing their investigation.” ~ Bismarck Tribune (LeAnn Eckroth) 

This paper is very localized based on the relatively small population of the state. This information would be very important to the Bismarck community because it establishes the “wow my kid might have been taught by a child molester” factor, which entices the readers to continue reading the story.


“The MARC Camden Line faced serious delays Monday evening after a pedestrian was struck and killed by a southbound train in Prince George’s County, though the tracks were cleared and trains moving by about 8 p.m.” ~ Baltimore Sun (Carrie Wells)

The lead is more focused on the morning commute and is good for letting people who might have been wondering why their train was delayed. It also leaves the name of the pedestrian out of the lead because it is not as important to the readers.


“A so-called “family glitch” in the 2010 health care law threatens to cost some families thousands of dollars in health insurance costs and leave up to 500,000 children without coverage, insurance and health care analysts say.” ~ USA Today (Kelly Kennedy)

This lead gets right to the “bam” in terms of a topic that will effect citizens around the country. This is a good lead because it makes the reader want to know more about what will possibly happen to their children


“One of the Islamist militants wore a white turban, witnesses said, while others wore black head scarves. Most were in civilian clothes, but a few wore camouflage fatigues. Some carried sophisticated machine guns, and others wielded the AK-47 rifles widely used by African insurgents. Most of the extremists who seized the upscale Nairobi mall were young and barked orders in English.” ~ Washington Post (Sudarsan Raghavan)

This lead was posted in the African section of the Washington Post website and it is relateable to what was happening locally in Kenya. Whenever violence and military matters are thrown into the public domain, it becomes big news.


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