Picture Purrrrfect


Picture Purrrrfect

This photo captures the ferocious nature of our athletics program and since it is the newest Tiger statue on campus (outside of SECU Arena), it also symbolizes the bright future ahead. I got a close-up view of the Tiger to get an alternate angle and make it seem like it was right in my face, ready to strike. This is intended to draw the reader in or catch them off guard. Photo by Brian Baublitz Jr. / Towson University student.


Melanie Slusar: Enthusiastic and Cheerful


Melanie Slusar: Enthusiastic and Cheerful

This is a picture of my friend Melanie Slusar who sits next to me in Family Studies class. Her outgoing and upbeat behavior is captured in putting her personal spin on this portrait. The portrait has soft light coming through the window, nothing distracting in the background and she maintains at solid eye level with the reader. Photo by Brian Baublitz Jr. / Towson University student.


Guidelines to A Social Media Driven Society: Journalist Edition

With social media rapidly becoming the quickest and most effective way to getting the news to the public, there is much potential in reporters / journalists in the social media field. 

Northwestern graduate and former writer for TIME.com, Zoey Fox, wrote this blog about ten useful tips on acknowledging what a journalist needs to do to properly use social media.

Most of what she is saying how not to address someone who is being interviewed and why it can become a problem or an inconvenience to one or more parties involved.

I agree with what she is saying and I will definitely take her advice into consideration, but I think it would be more helpful to the reader if she gave the right ideas on how to contact someone and not just the negative aspects.