Time is of the essence

Student speaker Liz Hayden addresses her audience. (Photo by Brian Baublitz Jr. / Towson University Student

Student speaker Liz Hayden addresses her audience. (Photo by: Brian Baublitz Jr. / Towson University Student)

Time management is a skill that most people never learn, but in college it is one of the most important things that a student can master.

“College can be very stressful, especially when you have so many demands from school, work, and friends. During your free time, it is best to do something constructive that will allow you to feel good and relax at the same time.” said student speaker Liz Hayden. “ I find getting involved on campus with clubs or doing community service is a great way to contribute your time, meet new people with similar interests, and relax and forget about other demands.”

The iLEAD workshop is one of many different events for students in the iLead program to go to and a majority of the fifty or so students that attended were part of that group. One of their more dedicated members, Madeleine Smith said “I didn’t have any stress, I am actually just a part of the iLEAD program, but this workshop made me open my eyes to stress I could potentially have if I don’t slow down and take a moment to manage my time better.”

The speakers handed out helpful flyers to each student giving out helpful tips on planning study time and time saver strategies.

Along with the iLEAD students, some were there for personal enlightenment. The speaker was very precise in explaining which strategies to avoid and what you should do to avoid them.

The event, held on Thursday night on the third floor of the University Union, was met with lethargic students who had just finished a long and grueling college schedule. There were even points before the speech began that some people even started to fall asleep on the desks in front of them.

Once the workshop kicked off however, the information that was presented effectively opened the students’ heavily drooping eyelids and the candy given out to all who were present was a welcome wake up call.

Along with the helpful flyers, the speakers held an open discussion, encouraging the students to come up with their own personal time management ideas and compiling them all on a makeshift whiteboard. This got everyone pitching in on the outcome of the workshop and got into a heated debate into which method or strategy was the best.

“I currently struggle with procrastination, which causes me stress. Practicing some of the techniques we discussed can help me get ahold of it.” Said Ceanne West.

Towards the end of the night, the student speakers informed the audience about the wonderful technology and iPhone apps that they all could download that would further enhance their learning experiences. “The strategy that will help me from the seminar is using the apps that they stated.” Senior Tiras Cooper said. “Also doing a little bit of the work one day at a time is a good strategy.”

So whether or not you are in the iLEAD program or not, you should come on out to the next workshop that they have to present, you will probably learn a valuable lesson in handling the chaotic life of a college student.



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