Preparing for the Ultimate East Road Trip with your Family

Family prepares for vacation. Photo by Florida Memory

Family prepares for vacation. Photo by Florida Memory on Flickr Creative Commons

Before you set out on your adventure, there are  certain precautions that need to be met so that you don’t feel the need to strangle your family members halfway into the trip. First of all, you need to know the personalities of both yourself as well as your travel partners. If your little brother is impatient, whines all the time or listens to loud movies on the ride down, it would probably be best to put in your earphones and delve into the music for a good portion of the trip or it could turn ugly. If you are on the driving end of the spectrum, there are 2 keys to success. 1) Doing whatever it takes to stay focused behind the wheel and 2) knowing when the time to either stop for the night or let another driver take over. If you do not have another capable driver, it may be necessary to stop a few times at rest stops or hotels to ensure that you make it to the destination safely. One of the more useful tactics for a road trip is to set up a couple of designated areas of interest along the route that will keep the excitement from wearing off and let’s you enjoy the journey along the way. The benefit of driving over flying is that tourist traps spark intrigue for travelers all across the United states and can provide some unique experiences that you wouldn’t find at the more well-known attractions. An example of this would be Bear Country USA in Rapid City, SD. Only 18 minutes away in the shadow of Mount Rushmore lives a wildlife sanctuary drive-through where animals such as bighorn sheep, buffalo and of course bears, come right up to the car and sometimes even poke their head through the window to say hello. Places like these may not get the national attention of a Mt. Rushmore, but they can provide just as much fun. The last thing that is essential is to bring a boatload of snacks that can last for the ride up, and then again for the ride back. Riding down the interstate, fast food restaurants and local eateries call out to hungry travelers who are looking to spend a pretty penny for something to eat. While this is okay every now and then, it could start to put a dent in your wallet before you even make it to your final destination. By stocking up on food such as cookies, chips, granola bars, and sandwiches, it will save travel time and money that could be used for a souvenir instead. Going on a trip with your family is worth the money if you plan accordingly, so enjoy the time you spend together, before you know it, it could be gone.


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