Tabor City, NC: A Quiet Backwoods Paradise

When discussing places to go in North Carolina, I’m betting Tabor City is not on anybody’s short list. In fact, there are probably a good amount of people who live in the state that couldn’t tell you where it was located. Does that mean it has nothing to offer or isn’t worth your time? Of course not!

This out-of-the-way town of just under 4,000 provides a beautiful and wide-open view of the lush forests teeming with wildlife. Between snakes, turkeys, coyotes, tree frogs and even the occasional alligator, any nature enthusiast can find what they are looking for here. 11149028_10153016292788381_1964261783_n

While the homes are spread out from each other, they provide a sense of southern comfort and hospitality that can only be found south of the Mason-Dixon Line. They are the friendliest of people and will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. IMG_4618[1]

You know that a town is safe when the biggest crime that’s happened there is an llegal electronic gambling sweepstakes by the local Internet café. Electronic gambling is illegal in the state of North Carolina and the owner and manager knowingly violated the state’s ban on such matters.

While trying to find things to do in these sleepy little town can be difficult, they are far from impossible. If camping is your way of travel, look no further than Carroll Woods RV Park or Jellystone Park at Daddy Joe’s. Park your RV or pitch up a tent and enjoy the soothing sounds that the Carolina forests have to offer, but if you get tired of making fires or getting eaten by mosquitoes, there are numerous beaches within a short drive from there. With Myrtle Beach only 52 minutes away, avoid the expensive hotels and enjoy a cheap adventure in Tabor City.

For the more classy travelers, Grapefull Sisters Vineyard provides sauna steam showers, a bed & breakfast, and wine tasting. The vineyard’s wine specializes in muscadine grapes and the sweet taste can relax the body.

Photo by readerwalker on flickr creative commons

Photo by readerwalker on flickr creative commons

So whenever you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic city life, take a trip down to Tabor City, NC. The people will make you feel at home and the charm of this backwoods southern town can make you forget about the busy city streets you left behind.


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